About Me

Hello, and a very warm welcome to my website! I’m a first-year PhD student in the Interdepartmental Program in Computational Biology and Biomedical Informatics at Yale University.

As a data scientist in training, I have diverse academic interests across the emergent field of biomedical informatics1, but I concentrate on digital psychiatry: investigating mental health with wearable devices and large language models.

I was born and partially raised in Dallas, TX but spent much of my childhood in Beijing, China. I returned to Dallas to finish high school and left for Baltimore, MD for my undergraduate work, completing a B.S. in molecular and cellular biology at Johns Hopkins University (Class of 2020). I returned to Dallas once again and underwent a career transition from pre-med to biomedical informatics, taking courses and working as full-time research assistants at the University of Texas at Dallas in the Department of Mathematical Sciences and UT Southwestern Medical Center in the Quantitative Biomedical Research Center. My prior research experience spans cancer biophysics, molecular radiation oncology, microfluidic single-cell analysis, statistical shape analysis, and electronic health record analysis.

Outside of research, I’m passionately invested in international relations (particularly East Asian geopolitics) and military history. My favorite publications are The Economist, The New Yorker, Reuters, The Associated Press, BBC News, The New York Times, Bloomberg, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, NPR, and Nikkei Asia. I also follow the work of the Brookings Institution, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Ways that I add flavor to my life include reading a truly inordinate amount of news, studying languages2, baking desserts and cooking way too much Italian/Japanese/Chinese food3, as well as sparring with other shinai-wielding fanatics at the Yale Kendo Club (pictured and depicted below)4. I’m also active in the Yale Graduate Consulting Club, the Yale Biotech Club, the Yale Japanese American Student Union, and the Yale Chapter of the Alexander Hamilton Society.

Joint practice with UConn Kendo Club at UConn, November 2023

ManWomanMeisou ManMeisou Woman


  1. Broadly construed, biomedical informatics refers to the computational analysis and statistical interpretation of biological and clinical data on high-performance computing platforms. 

  2. Japanese (intermediate), Mandarin Chinese (advanced), Korean (beginner), and Latin (intermediate, in theory). 

  3. My favorite dessert is tiramisù. Respectively, my favorite main dishes are lasagna bolognese, karashibi miso ramen from Kikanbo in Tokyo (wouldn’t dare make this myself), and potstickers with pork and Chinese sauerkraut. 

  4. Team picture circa November 2023 after joint practice with the UConn Kendo Club. Depiction courtesy of Irasutoya; unfortunately, we don’t practice jūkendō, even though it looks stunningly cool.